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A Home for Common Sense conservatism

The Venue has been specifically designed and built as a free  platform which seeks to celebrate and promote this Great Nation’s belief in  democracy, our constitutional right to freedom of speech and the overwhelmingly popular support for common sense small c conservative  values.


In recent years, the Great British democracy has had to endured, in a growing number of areas, more of an extremist narrative. This extremist narrative, whilst tolerated as all good democracies do, has started to  adversely affect our constitution and endanger a jewel in its crown, that of freedom of speech for all.


The Venue truly believes in Great Britain and its centuries old  democracy. Freedom of speech is by far one of the most important  aspects of this precious democracy, yet “astonishingly” today it is one of the most  embattled.


With this firmly in mind The Venue is here to help restore this balance. The one sided social and political narrative, that has been seen and heard of so often, must be challenged and freely debated.  Contrary to what the other narratives want you to think, you still have the RIGHT to disagree and to voice that disagreement WITHOUT FEAR.


That said The Venue, will be taking the side of the common sense small “c” conservative, promoting and supporting the voices that herald such a popular view. We will be using The Venue as a platform to assist in spotlighting these voices to the nation. Millions of like-minded common sense small “c” conservative Britons can arrive at The Venue, listen to the debates and make up their own minds having heard this all important “other side of the story”.